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Frequently Asked Questions about the tuning file service

How much does a tuning file cost?
Because we sell tuning files over the whole world in different countries with different currency we use a credit system. You can check the pricelist for how much the credits cost.
What of type tuning files does your file service provide?
We offer slave and master files. 
What kind of service does your file service provide?
How long does it take before I get the modified file back?
Normally we send the modified file back within 30 minutes. Of course a special request can take longer.
Who can use the file service?
The tuning file service is for professional tuners, car mechanics and car enthusiasts and is available 24 hours per day and 7 days per week.
What tools do you support?
We give support for every tool on the market. We use the tools of Flashtec-CMD and Alientech on a daily basis. Other tools from EVC and Byteshooter are used to now and then. The tuning files are not unique to or tied to any particular tuning tool, remap or operating system.  But please let us know if your tool has a checksum correction capability and if you are planning to use this.
Is the file checksum corrected?
This depends on the tool you are using. Most quality tools on the market have an inbuilt checksum correction capability. If you need  require the checksum correcting

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