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21.03.2018 High Quality Tuningboxes available for BMW 520D MD1. Ford Raptor 3.5 Ecoboost MG1, Mercedes C 63 AMG 4.0 MED17.7 – More Tuningbox solutions coming soon – In contrast to most tuningbox suppliers, our in-house developed solutions are extensively long-term road and dyno tested and datalogged for safe boost, safe lambda, ignition, knock, temperatures, dutycycles, etc. More info will be published online soon, Our members can order already.
04.03.2018 Ziptuning.com will soon get a complete new website, with improved customer portal, support system and some other cool features. . . .
20.02.2018 chiptuning database API available for your website. . . . Please contact us for more info
10.02.2018 VAG BMW . . . CVN bypass patches available
15.01.2018 Subaru Impreza 2,5t 230>300hp Denso Pop and Bang
10.01.2018 Audi S4 3,0t 2018 353hp Bosch MG1 SC002 Super Mappack + Stage1 tuningfile in development
10.01.2018 Ford Raptor 3,5 ecoboost 2018 367hp Siemens MG1 CS015 Super Mappack + Stage1 tuningfile available – tuned with inhouse tool
14.11.2017 Porsche Panamera 4,8t 2010 500hp Siemens SDI6 Pop and Bang on sportmode. Intensity can be modified .
13.11.2017 Porsche Cayenne 4,8s 2010 400hp Siemens SDI7 Pop and Bang on sportmode. Intensity can be modified .
12.11.2017 Prsche Boxster 2,7i 2014 Siemens SDI9 Pop and Bang on sportmode. Intensity can be modified .
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